Weekly Nutrition Roundup: Top Ten Articles

Information addict that I am, I spend a large percentage of my life reading. News articles, medical journals, college textbooks, free books on scribd.com, whatever I can get my hands on! But right at the very top of my list of “enjoyable reading” are articles written by fellow bloggers; I read dozens each week!

How selfish of me to keep all of these informative, engaging, well-researched articles to myself! But no longer. Every Saturday morning (Friday this week because Saturday is Christmas Eve and I’m sure we all have better things to do than sit in front of the computer!) I will be sharing my favorite top ten (or slightly more) posts from the previous week.

So here’s the line-up from this week (as you can see, there is 11, not 10):

11. Should You Feed Your Baby Iron Fortified Foods?
10. Should You Feed Your Baby Iron Fortified Food? (Part 2)

Why not to supplement breast-fed babies with iron, and why not to give your baby iron-fortified rice cereal (as if we needed another reason to avoid rice cereal!) As it turns out, breast-milk is low in iron for a reason!!! A must-read for moms with young babies, especially if your pediatrician is pressuring you to supplement with iron or feed rice-cereal.

9. When Should my Baby Start Solids?

Looking at the iron/breast-milk issue from a slightly different perspective; this article also talks about the basics of starting solids.

8. Chlorinated Showers and Baths Kill Gut Flora
7. Will Your Water Cause Early Puberty for Your Kids?
6. Why Water Alone Doesn’t Hydrate the Body
5. Why I Bought a Berkey Water Filter

I found these articles interesting because lately I have become aware of the importance of having good quality, clean water to drink. I guess you start taking these things seriously once you have kids. I have recently been devising ways to clean our water without spending loads of money on a filter. If my efforts are successful you may see a blog post on this subject in the near future!

4. How the Teeth Tell the Tale
3. On Deep Nutrition and Genetic Expression

Two articles related to diet, genetics, and physical development. I find this subject absolutely fascinating, although I’m sure some would find it offensive. The science cannot be denied.

2. Are You Buying Toxic Candles?

An informative post on candles that is especially relevant around this time of year! Ryan and I love beeswax candles! They burn with a white light like the sun, and they clean the air with negative ions, counteracting the damaging positive ions radiated by technology.

1. The Ultimate Guide to GAPS Holiday Recipes

And last but not least, Christmas recipes!

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