Weekly Nutrition Roundup: Top Ten Articles

Information addict that I am, I spend a large percentage of my life reading. News articles, medical journals, college textbooks, free books on scribd.com, whatever I can get my hands on! But right at the very top of my list of “enjoyable reading” are articles written by fellow bloggers; I read dozens each week!

How selfish of me to keep all of these informative, engaging, well-researched articles to myself! But no longer. Every Saturday morning  I share my favorite top ten posts from the previous week.

So here’s the line-up from this week:

10. “Got REAL Milk?” Part 1

Answers to questions about raw milk: why pasteurization was started, how pasteurization and homogenization affect milk, and why so many people are sensitive to dairy. (hint: they’re not sensitive to dairy, just pasteurized dairy)

9. Luxurious Sugar Scrub Recipe [Easy!]

This one’s for us girls. I really can’t wait to try this.

8. How To Make Coconut Butter

What? One more thing I can do with coconuts? This looks SO good.

7. Probiotics: The New Therapeutic Frontier

6. The Gut-Brain Connection & Autism, ADD, Allergies, and Other Diseases

Two articles on the role of beneficial bacteria in the gut. The first one talks about the new research on probiotics as cures for disease. The second one is written by a mother whose daughter has Autism.

5. Nasty Cold… and Some Tips

More natural remedies for colds and flu!

4. Concerned About Flouride? ….Reasons You Should Be.

And another reminder of  why I really need to get a good water filter 😀

3. Dioxins in Animal Foods: A Case for Vegetarianism?

A fascinating read discussing the challenging argument that dioxins contained in animal foods are dangerous to health, one of the most compelling arguments for veganism.

2.What! There’s No Such Thing as a Gluten Free Grain?

1. Starch Lowers Insulin

Two really interesting articles dealing with the subject of grains. I tend to emphasize low-carbs on this blog because so many people are on highly refined carb-overload and are headed straight for diabetes. However, it’s very true that most people do need varying amounts of good quality carbs in the diet.


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